BRCK website listed as one of the best designed websites in Kenya

  1 minute read

Blakraft listed the new BRCK website as one of the best-designed websites of 2019 in Kenya.

Late last year we redesigned the BRCK website and quietly launched it to coincide with the AppsAfrica Innovation awards ceremony where BRCK won the Disruptive Innovation Award.

The redesign was a culmination of a lot of hard work from the design team and though the design looks simple enough, it is probably one of the hardest websites I have had to code.

So it was a wonderful surprise when one of our teammates shared that we were featured on the list of the best-designed websites by Blakraft. Having your peers out there recognize you is always a good thing.

Another great thing was to see our friends (both personal and friends of BRCK) Skyline design, have their work featured on the list. Congratulations to you guys!

Here is the complete list by Blakraft